Frequently Asked Questions


The tinnitus was the last thing to go (took about a year) and still occasionally shows up (usually when I’m stressed). But it ewes so bad I could barely hear people speak and now, even when it does show up, it’s gentle and well in the background.

Or anything else that improved?

My psoriasis was the first I noticed gone, about 2-3 weeks. About the same time my constipation was gone. It was a pleasure to poop again.

Then I noted, in about 2 months, my neuropathies were getting better, I was regaining feeling in my hand and shins.

It took about 6 - 8 months to notice my warts were gone and most of my scars too.

After a year, I noticed that my heart murmur was gone, when a Doctor told me he couldn’t hear it.

There’s a bunch more, but those should give you an idea.

To achieve this I follow my protocols here: