"I have been using the ideas of Loyd Jacobs you show in BG for health video 2 with good results for osteo arthritis. Thank you so much for getting such information out to so many of us. 

I began by treating myself for 10 minutes twice a day but have now increased it to 15 minutes twice a day.

Since using Browns Gas on my hip and knees I have noticed some terrific improvements. The sharp pains that I used to experience have now been replaced by dull aches and climbing stairs is no longer the dreaded thing it used to be. It is early days yet, but if things continue at the present rate I shall be more than happy.

I have never met Loyd Jacob and only heard of him through George’s videos, but I should like to send him my heartfelt thanks for his inventive ideas on using Browns Gas for health, and to George for getting such information out into the public domain so that many may benefit.

To all of you using Browns Gas for health - keep going!!!

~ Mike Graham