"It was so good to hear of your positive results from application of the gas (Brown's Gas aka BG or HHO) and makes me feel as though I have not shared enough of the health benefits my wife and I have discovered (accidentally, in most cases) of nearly miraculous healing powers that can only be attributed to our regular and as time goes on, intentional, exposure to BG.

1) Like most people, we endured a cold, or two, or three every year. In the fourteen years we have been using BG, the total colds between us: ZERO

2) Burns - Working with red hot metal every day for years, severe second and third degree are not uncommon. Misting the burn with water and using the BG to cool it for 10-15 minutes to brings moderate relief but the real magic begins 2-4 hours later when you realize ALL pain is gone and a tan colored, flexible and tough covering (or temporary "skin" has formed over the red area with black (burnt) edges where the original skin had been removed, sizzling on the metal. In 4-6 days the covering comes off in the shower and there is NO scar (where you would expect a beauty!)

I will gladly endure the initial pain of a severe burn to document and demonstrate this process for any serious medical professional who would pursue BG to alleviate the suffering of burn victims. BG is unbelievable!

3) Oral surgery (and possibly other open wounds) Several years ago, I had to have 14 molar teeth removed at one sitting. Prior to surgery, I asked my orthodontic surgeon if he had any objection to my applying the BG to the open sockets. When I explained it was only hydrogen and oxygen, he shrugged and said, " I don't see what it could hurt." When I went back a week later he was amazed and said, "I've never seen healing like this. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it." and canceled my next followup check, declaring it "obviously unnecessary."

4) Plant growth. Over the years in three different locations, the trees, shrubs, and flowers in close proximity to our shop where we release the BG when we depressure the machine at days end, have exhibited 2-4 times the rate of growth of all others in the surrounding vicinity. We had a live oak ( a normally very slow growing tree) extend it's branches over 40 feet horizontaly to completely cover (you might say "embrace") our shop in only a three year period. We have repeatedly started seedlings separated onto two flats. Using water from the same source, we water one with untreated water and the other watered with water we first treated by bubbling it with the gas through an airstone for 10 minutes. At the end of two weeks after germination, those getting treated water are clearly twice as large as the others.

Conclusion: There are obviously positive biological advantages of exposure to the BG. My wife, an R.N. theorizes that it neutralizes free radicals. Whether that is valid or not, the obvious benefits that accrue to living organisms is obvious and replicable. Anecdotal evidence, I'm sure the skeptics would respond, but I have little doubt if controlled studies where to be conducted and published by responsible researchers, it would open up a whole new field of therapeutic medicine OR be shut down immediately by the powers that be. But you have much more expertise in that area than I :)

May God continue to bless your mind that creates, your eyes that see, and your heart that gives, my friend."

~ Derac